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EchoLink® software is offered free of charge to licensed Amateur Radio operators worldwide, for Amateur Radio use only. Please note that you must hold a valid Amateur Radio license in order to use EchoLink. After installing the program, you must provide proof of license if you wish to use it; see Authentication for more information.
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EchoLink for Windows
Version 2.0.908
Size: 5.4 MB

This is a self-extracting installer, which installs the program and the help file.  Download this file to your hard drive and then open it to begin installation.  After installing, you can run EchoLink from the Programs section of your Start menu, or from your desktop.  

Proof of license is required for all new EchoLink users.  After downloading and installing the software, please run it to register your callsign with the system.  Then, to begin the validation process, click here.

Installation Help | Other Downloads

Note: If you are running a very old version of Windows, such as Windows XP, please use the legacy installer here.

Other Downloads

EchoLink Proxy Software v 1.2.3 Download
Works together with EchoLink (version 1.9 or above) to allow access to the EchoLink network via restricted Internet services in hotels, airports, offices, and other areas.  Please see EchoLink Proxy for more info and installation instructions.

EchoLink User's Guide (PDF)  Download
Printable version of EchoLink's Help file (ver 1.8.874).
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above.

EchoLink Programmer's Reference (Preliminary)  Download
Information for software developers interested in creating programs and scripts to interact with the EchoLink software.
Note: You must download this file before opening it; do not choose "Open" or "Run" after clicking the link above.


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